Monday, 12 March 2012

Lamb steak with peas, feta and garlic mint sauce


400 g lamb steaks
salt, paprika, pepper
100 ml rose wine

for the peas:
300 g peas ( fresh or frozen )
75 gr crumbled feta
fresh lime juice

for the mint sauce:
half a garlic clove
4 sprigs of fresh mint
lime juice
half a teaspoon of brown sugar
extra  virgin olive oil

How it`s done?
1. Boil the peas for about 7 minutes if frozen.
2. Brown the  seasoned lamb steaks ( rub them with the salt, paprika and pepper) in a pan with some cooking olive oil. Set the heat to a high level to obtain the nice brown. It should take 2 minutes for each side. Next, deglaze with the rose wine, making sure you scrape all the goodness from the pan.  After 3 minutes take out the steaks and let the wine reduce.
3. Meanwhile prepare the mint sauce. With the help of a pestle, a mortar and a hungy  boyfriend, crush the garlic, sugar and mint and pour from time to time some olive oil.
4. When they are ready, drain the peas and tip them in a bowl. Add the feta cheese and the lime juice and toss them.
5. At last, take the lamb steaks back in to the pan and make sure the glaze is covering all sides.

Enjoy it with a glass of rose cabernet sauvignon and  good company. :)

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